New materials, new applications and bold aesthetics have pitched the young Italian company 41zero42 as a daring innovator.

Its digitally coloured body porcelain, in a diverse range of colours and patterns, provides a characterful alternative to traditional stone flooring.

Italy has a long and enviable history of richly patterned floors, and this young company is reimagining the options for an international market. The floor can be more than a purely functional and background element in a room, and become an exciting feature of the whole spatial design. 41zero42 has also made innovations in wall tiles, where bold patterns more akin to wallpaper provide a striking and hard-wearing finish.

The design-led company has freed itself from a conventional view of the ceramic tile, allowing endless exciting possibilities for residential, retail and hospitality projects.



Climatica Ceramiche combines Italian artisan traditions with modern materials science and manufacture.

Enjoy the aesthetics and materiality of classic handmade clay tiles, knowing that strength, performance, weight and insulation have all been developed for contemporary needs.

High quality clay is critical to the final product, and Climatica has workshops in some of the historic tile-making villages around Italy, near where the best clays are found: from the rich volcanic clays near Sicily’s Mount Etna to the pure, homogeneous clays from the hills of Sassuolo. Each tile range symbolises its region of origin, reflecting the unique blend of local craft techniques and raw materials.

The company’s focus on technology and the environment is producing a distinctive tile range that is fully in character with both modern and more traditional interiors.

Gallery 4 Encaustic


Gallery 4 produces a range of handmade encaustic cement tiles for New Zealand.

With characteristics similar to marble, the handmade tiles are highly durable and recyclable. First developed in France over 150 years ago, they are finding a renewed popularity in contemporary architecture for their natural look, waxy yet hard-wearing finish, and wide colour and pattern choice.

Colour is set into the top layer with a mix of white Portland cement, sand, marble powder and mineral pigment, which is fused on a cement base. As a handmade product, the tiles have some natural imperfections, and it is this characteristic and the wax polish that provide their warm patina and charm.

We produce our own pattern range with both vibrant and subtle colours, or we can develop a design to suit your individual project.



Huguet is a family business based in Mallorca, Spain, dating back to 1933.

It has a proud history of producing cement and marble products for traditional Mediterranean architecture – encaustic tiles, sinks, benches and washbasins – with a modern pattern range and a bespoke service supplying products for contemporary architecture.

Herzog & de Meuron, Sybilla and Carme Pinós are some of the international design firms collaborating with Huguet to create customised floor tiles, cladding and bathroom fittings. Products developed for award-winning international architecture are now available to a wider market.

The semi-artisan encaustic cement tile and wet area fittings for which Huguet is renowned are finding a ready application in the softer modernist architecture of today. From traditional to contemporary, Huguet provides a range of crafted products made from the finest of raw materials, offering limitless decorative and aesthetic options.

Kale Italia


Kale Italia, participates in the development of the unique Italian ceramic tradition and supports it through the repositioning of the historical brands Edilgres, Edilcuoghi and Campani in terms of the specific target market and intended use.

Kale Italia offers diverse and innovative solutions which are realised by reconfiguring the production lines, with the implementation of new cutting-edge technologies. Kale solutions make it possible to create integrated projects, thanks to coordinated products, available in multiple formats, thicknesses and surface types.